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Speed up your planning with ready-made lesson plans.

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Content creators add new classes to the platform often.

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Our lessons as the best. Focusing in quality and diversity.

Teaching Technology

Teach your students in a different way where the interaction student-teacher is much more developed.

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teaching class

In addition to our complete classes we also offer other tools so that teachers can give any type of class.

CatchPhrase - Search multi language phrases

Catchphrase allows you to search any phrase in a huge database populated with a lot of multi language phrases.

Features that
you'll find here

We have the best and most complete teaching tools and here are some of its features.

Data Privacy

Do not worry we do not share or sell your private information with any company. All information stored in TeachersProTools is fully encrypted too.

Interactive Classes

Our lessons are designed to provide a different experience for your classes. Interacting real time with the exercises students have a better teaching.

Always Improving

Our staff is always looking to improve the quality of the platform and the user experience so you feel satisfied with everything we offer.

200+ eBooks

Our database has dozens of lessons ready to start your classes in a unique way. We have a team of content creators to always add and update all the lessons.

Expert Mentors

We have the best tutors and teachers in the multi-language teaching area. All have years of experience and always seek to learn more to generate new and unique content.

Live Supports (Soon)

We are developing support tools to help you best way possible. Our support team is being trained to provide quick and accurate answers for you.